Life Hack: Smile Like You Have A Secret

Everyone is searching for ways to make their life better and more meaningful.   At every turn news clips, blogs and celebrities are showing us how to have more fun, detailing the items we need to buy that will transform our lives and telling us how to get what we want to be happy.  I’ll make it simple.

Smile like you have a secret! 

This article proves smiling gives the same boost as eating 2,000 chocolate bars or receiving $25,000 dollars.  If you are not curious, smiling right now, or thinking about the calories associated with 2,000 chocolate bars, please seek professional help.

Body language says more than you would like.

I have always been a big proponent of the smile.  This blog post shows that what your body does, really says more than your words.

Smile like you have a secret when you are annoyed.

Finally advice that is easy to do in every situation that annoys you. Smile a big smile (ear to ear) like you know something. I always include this in all of my trainings.  And it’s a hit every time. Smile like you have a secret and let the annoyer wonder what you are smiling about. That alone often changes their behavior and fosters teamwork. Even when you can’t help yourself, your smile will hide strong feelings.

What’s Next:

Take a moment to sit in Mona Lisa’s shoes.  Did you ever stop and wonder what she was smiling about?  Make a list of all the reasons you have to smile.  Repeat daily.


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