The Prompt is Circles

Thanks to Deb Koffman and IWOW – In Words Out Words, I have a poem for you:

For Suzi

Does it matter where I end and you begin?

Our point of connection has a story.

It starts with me.  My past.  My choices. My feelings.  My beliefs.  My essence.

Enter you with your history, ideas, emotions and faith.

As the Extra Terrestrial, ET circled right into the center of human existence…

OUCH.  One point. One finger. So powerful.  OUCH.

Does it matter where I begin and you end?

Once our souls touch it matters forever. 

ism 11.5.2019

What’s Next:

Take a minute to celebrate the people in your life.  Notice your patterns and connections.  Live each day with intent. Welcome the OUCH.  It’s proof positive you are living.




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