Why are Superheroes Important?

Life certainly is more interesting when a Superhero is around.   Imagining our way out of a tricky predicament with a super power like, x-ray vision, air-bending or running at the speed of light are all forceful images.   

Why are we enamored, enthralled and overall gaga for Superheroes?

Appearing in 2015, this is the most relevant quote I found :

The superhero is an ideal, an aspiration, a goal, and that is an excellent moving force for children as well as for adults. The highlight of superheroes is that they represent both reality and fantasy. In most cases, these are very normal men and women in real life. They have a job, friends, and a rather ordinary life. But thanks to their great power, they can be stronger than reality and overcome any obstacle. For them, everything is possible.

What Superpower would I have as a Superhero?

My heart races just thinking about Superheros, I love them all.  Growing up in the Superman and Batman era, faster than a speeding bullet and the Bat Mobile come to my mind first.   Given the proliferation of Superheroes over the years, I especially want to have the power of eating everything and never gaining weight. 

Seriously, if I could be anyone, have any power what would I choose?  

Empathy is a key driver for me as described in this blog Empathy is my Superpower. Lately, I have been prompted to dig deeper into what I believe are important superpowers.

And a poem was born:

1- Young girl feeling powerless doesn’t even know what’s amiss. Longing to be noticed, unhappy at home, looks to the sky, being a superhero will make time fly.

Superhero, super fine, flying around all the time. Tell me, what’s on your mind?

2- Launched in the world and on her own, searching for that place to call home. Working and playing all the time, life is grand by design. A “superman” will make it real, just stay focused on closing the deal.

Superhero, super fine, flying around all the time. Tell me, are the pages already inked and lined?

3- Single mother, days filled with strife. Life cuts like a knife. Believes super powers would make it right. X-ray vision and super-strength are nice but for healing powers I would pay full price.

Superhero, super fine, flying around all the time.

4- Older and wiser, finally moving out of my own way. Random acts of kindness make my day. Live and learn that Superheros with Superpowers are not always divine. Superheros are those who just know how to be kind.

Superhero, super fine, flying around all the time, please define the word Kind? Being friendly, generous and considerate are what make me legitimate.

Superhero, superfine, flying around all the time. The only thing on my mind is using all of my powers to be KIND!

What’s Next: 

Just be kind and everything else will unfold as it is intended.


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