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Expert at Managing Annoying People...

Work is a team sport.   Don't Go It Alone.

I will show you how to manage annoying, people, situations and teams.

Aligning your mission, resources and actions for success.

You can stop annoying people from zapping your time and energy.  

Start driving your agenda and skyrocket your influence. 

Check out my speeches, free training and services to learn strategies to better manage annoying people so you can increase: Performance, Productivity & of course RESULTS!

Managing Annoying People

Available on

If you manage up and manage down and sometimes feel annoyed at those all around, this book is for you!  

Learn tools, tricks and tips to sail through your busy days with grace, ease and purpose.   Use real time advice to manage tough situations

 Believe me, I've been there having a handbook of how to manage those you value, but can drive you up a wall is money well spent.  

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Cindy Hussey
Founder, Velvet Eyewear

A Great Advisor

Ilene is quick to analyze issues and find meaningful and valuable solutions. Great at spearheading projects and making the most of opportunities. She is ethical, energetic, and enthusiastic. She is diversified and is a great advisor.

Suzanne Livingston
Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and Developer of Contribution-Centered Leadership™ and The Contribution Approach™

She nailed it...again!

Ilene is a one of a kind... in an extraordinary way! It's not uncommon to hear colleagues say "She nailed it...again!" Ilene has keen insight and is able to see the higher vision of things and then help others up level their way there.

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