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Who is Ilene Marcus?

Creator of funny videos, keynote speaker with helpful advice for anyone stuck in their everyday climb and needs a new perspective. Ilene spent 32 years spearheading high-stakes teams and managing 10,000 people. Author of Managing Annoying People and Blogger for Sixty&Me and a Vistage Speaker; Ilene is a Techstars All-Star Global Facilitator (leading seed accelerator) and travels the country mentoring entrepreneurs to start and scale businesses.

"Ilene you are so inspiring! I love that "go get it!" attitude!"
— Yura Andaluz, TechStars Network
"Managing Annoying People with Joy - highly entertaining and useful session!"
— Happy Session Attendee
"The 'How to Manage Annoying People' session was not only well-attended but also engaging. The speaker had a remarkable ability to captivate the entire room, fostering active participation and creating an enriching learning experience for all of us."
— Happy Session Attendee
"Ilene Marcus helped guide me through an exasperating employee situation with intelligent and effective advice. This book should be a must read for all managers. Ilene's presentations should be required for all teams."
— Michael Morrison, Former President and Publisher HarperCollins General Books
"Great presentation!"
— Jenna Newcomb, Research Engineer, Scientific Systems
"There wasn't a place I could go at the conference to without at least 1 person telling me how great you were, Ilene!"
— Hildy Dworkin, SLB Chair, Public Relations Advisory Council
"At last, prgamatic advice for dealing with those well-meaning employees who can suck the life out of you. Every boss should have a copy in their desk drawer."
— Henry J. Devries, Author of 'How to Close a Deal like Warren Buffet'
"Great session! "
— Jennifer Copper, Entrepenuer, Spiritual Healer
"Thank you Ilene, I enjoyed your style."
— Sullivan Ojiogu, Leading innovation
"I love your style. Thanks for this."
— Eric Phillips
"Attending the 'How to Manage Annoying People' session was incredibly valuable for me. The session was packed with advice and insights."
— Happy Session Attendee
"How to Manage Annoying People hands down was my favorite session to attend. The speaker engaged the audience, it was participatory, and it was timely and applicable. I ordered her book ASAP! "
— Happy Session Attendee
"Ilene Marcus is an engaging, provocative speaker who managed to get some excellent audience participation going at 9am! She is clearly knowledgeable and passionate about her topic, a perennial issue applicable to everyone at some stage, and she gave some excellent answers to questions from the audience. I came away with much to think about, and deeper understanding of how to deal with a couple of challenges of my own, as well as a copy of her book (and I almost never buy books at these events)."
— Happy Session Attendee
"A very good session was "How to Manage Annoying People." The speaker was great!"
— Happy Session Attendee
""How to Manage Annoying People" was hands down my favorite presentation!"
— Happy Session Attendee
"Amazing presentation!"
— Eunice Nyandat, Sr Product Manager | Product Consultant l 3x Founder | Mentor | Innovation, Ideation, Product Dev, Customer Dev, MVP, GTM | [East Coast] USA & Africa's Top Startup Mentor| | *Global Women Leaders Award Winner 2022*|
"Incredible energy and wonderful presentations – I highly recommend for for presentations to any group.. Her presentation on attracting and retaining top talkent to the NFP group was super."
— Tim Domini, Senior Financial Leader and Trusted Advisor
"I've always classified people into three groups: those who give me energy, those who are neutral, and those who suck out all my energy. I have never found a way to deal successfully with the energy suckers. Ilene Marcus' nuanced book presents a fantastic and clear pathway on how to deal with these annoying people. My only regret is that the book was not available 40 years ago. The energy, productivity and happiness I lost would certainly have been reduced. Kudos, for a masterful, helpful and practical approach to dealing with those people in your life who suck the oxygen out of your enviroment."
— Phil Fine, Vistage International Best Practice Chair/Master Chair/Group Chair
"A Great Advisor
Ilene is so quick to analyze issues and find meaningful and valuable solutuions. Great at spearheading projects and making the most opportunities. She is ethical, energetic, and enthusiastic. She is diversified and is a great advior"
— Cindy Hussey, Founder, Velvet Eyewear
"She nailed it... again!
Ilene is one of a kind... in an extraordinary way! It's not uncommon to hear colleagues say, "She nailed it... again!" Ilene has keen insight and is able to see the higher vision of things and then help other up level their way there."
— Suzanne Livingston, Business Coach, Trainor, Mentor, and Developer of Contribution-Centered Leadership™ and The Contribution Approach™

What’s Your ISM?

ism = in search of meaning.

Dial into your ISM.  Live your Purpose. Evolve your Perspective. Align your Actions. Grow to Help Others.


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The Aligned Workplace Manifesto

Self-management is the art of evolving your perspective to manage yourself forward in all aspects of your life.

You hold the choice to shape your life and relationships. No one else can do it for you. Only you can climb the ladder.

Your actions carry weight and significance, and you have a unique purpose to contribute.

Even when you feel like you're barely holding on, you are still persevering, and some days that is more than enough.

Sometimes, taking things slow and steady is the best way forward.

Managing up or down or sideways – it’s your perspective, not your position that matters.

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