Work is a Team Sport

Whether you like it or not work is a team sport.  I have come to learn that TEAM is the acronym for Together Everyone Annoys Me.  Work teams are the rule, not the exception.  

You cannot go it alone. Managers, Leaders, Staffers all have to balance relationships in the workplace.  

As a result, soft skills such as humility, patience and understanding are key to workplace success.  

This post discusses how I annoy my co-workers even when working hard.

How Annoying?

Short answer: It depends on the day.  Even a favorite project or meeting can get under my skin sometimes.  When I am delving deep into a project I can get hyper-focused.  Those are the days when I need to make sure I connect with others, take a break away from the screen or the team so I can resume being my charming self.

Take this quiz and see what your co-workers think of you. The results are often surprising.

What’s Next? 

Practice patience.  Everyone has a bad day.  Just remember, if everyone is annoying you, just perhaps it’s you!

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