The Trifecta of Non-Action

A trifecta refers to the ability to pick the first three finishers in a race. It’s a tough call to make. If I turn it around I can see that there is a trifecta of my thoughts that keep me from winning.  That will slow me down each time. These three phases will always keep me stuck in the problem and not seeing a situation clearly.  

If Only

This is a a very deep rabbit hole.  I can rattle off the  hundreds of decisions, circumstances and situations that could have happened and the whole story would be different.  Reality check.  If only I could stop thinking like that,  I could actually get out of my own way and deal with what is right in front of me.  The data, the facts, the choices I made and those that need to be made and I can move forward.  


Someday my ship will come in.  And today I have got to ask – what will be on that ship?  If only I knew.  See what happens, that circular thinking.  So someday is today.  Today is the day I see the situation clearly.  Today is the day I know the exact contents of that ship, it’s route, timing, and if I can trust the manifesto.   I will not go down the path of changing the data.  Whatever I know is all I know and that is the only information available to act on.  To make a decision.  To move forward. Today.


My list of WHEN is usually the longest list of all.  Perhaps it is also the most dangerous patch of quicksand.   It lets me believe that if I line everything up and do my best, it will work out exactly as I expect.  Exactly as I want.  Exactly as I need.  When I have all my ducks in a row, then all will be right in the world. 

History tells me this isn’t fact.  That it will play out differently, but I cling to “when”. Experience has shown time and time again, that it is not within my control to decide when things happen.  Circumstances change, delays ensue, unexpected field conditions occur.  We are living through the pandemic, none of us had any control and yet we had to make decisions.  Had to act.  Had to mitigate the changes. Each of us had to decide what was best for us, our business, our family. 

What’s Next:

Stay away from the trifecta.  Pay attention to your choice of words.  Our words have a significant impact on our thoughts.  When you hear yourself, that means slowing down to listen to yourself, say one of the trifecta phrases —  if only, someday,  or when, refocus your train of thought to What is the “real” information I have in hand now? What is the best decision I can make today with all of the information I have? 

Act accordingly today, not someday.  




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