Quit Old Behaviors and Be More Successful

Quit knocking on doors that don’t open.  High preforming sales teams know this mantra:

Stop calling, stop emailing, stop begging for one more meeting and stop acting desperate. Dump them and move on. Instead of chasing prospects who don’t want to be caught, invest your time in prospects who engage with you instead of run from you.  

Non-profit fundraisers acknowledge this in the Benevon Model for Sustainable Fundraising,  and call it “bless and release”. 

If  it works in business, pretty good chance we should apply to our personal lives to get what we want.  So where do I begin?  First off, stop doing things that aren’t producing the results you want.  This post on 3 Reasons to Walk Away is a good starting point.  The first benefit of stopping what isn’t working, is that it produces a lot more time.  Time is our most precious commodity.

What to do with all this free time, you ask.  Easy – start doing new things and become more successful. 

Read this article from Dr. Travis Bradbury on just what to do.


What’s Next

Stop doing anything that doesn’t get you the results you want. Don’t quit 5 minutes before or after the miracle.  Most importantly, expect miracles when you change your behaviors.  

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