What Happens on a Techstars Startup Weekend?

Techstars Startup Weekends produce results.  Startup weekend Hudson Valley was no exception, it was electric!  You can learn more about Techstars and how this magic is produced.

What Happens at Start-Up Weekend?

It all starts with community leaders who want to make a difference.  Thus an organizing committee is formed. Techstars provides a roadmap for everything needed for a 3-day program where aspiring entrepreneurs can experience start-up life.  As a Techstars Global Facilitator, I am there to support the organizing team and bring their vision to life. 

We focus on turning an idea or product into an MVP – Minimal Viable Product. Participants pitch, and then based on the ideas selected join a team.  We work together over 54 hours to build out ideas, find customers and outline the user journey.  Mentors assist in mapping out action steps.  Participants learn how to create a business model for this idea that is coming into focus.  Can it make money? We spend a lot of time on monetization, that’s my favorite part.  

Who attended Hudson Valley Start-up Weekend?

  • 82 people ascended to Barnfox co-working space at 291 Wall Street in Kingston
  • Add in 15 Brave Entrepreneurs  PITCHED their idea LIVE i5 n front of the audience
  • 6 Ideas proceeded to teams
  • 15 Mentors supported the teams.
  • 4 Judges came Sunday night for final pitches
  • 1 Facilitator kept it moving all weekend (that’s me!)
  • 2 Organizers brought together the most amazing group of people
  • 19 Sponsors supported the community

Big Shout out to the Barnfox Team, Frederick Pikovsky and Charlie Webber pictured with me!  

As a result, new relationships are forged,  Partnerships created, mentors found.  The energy is contagious.  Proving that entrepreneurial work is a team sport.

Check out the Pictures and Videos!

Check out the camaradie, the final pitches.  See participants for yourself!

What’s Next:

Get your entrepreneurial spirit on.  Take the next step on an idea or pay it forward and provide help as a mentor and coach.  Support entrepreneurship in your community to build economic strength, personal resilience and community purpose.  Not only will you help others, it feels great!

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