The Hidden Mystery Behind the Workplace Martyr (full article on

Are you one of those people who come to work early, leave late, answer work emails constantly from home at all hours and rarely vacation?

Individual work styles evolve for a variety of reasons.  Regardless of the driving force, be it cultural, emotional or economic, what matters is how you as an employee acclimate to your current company culture. 

In this fast pace — remote — always connected business cycle, depending on your position and the workload, it may actually be a necessity to never let your emails go unanswered.  The key is to know how to unplug when circumstances warrant it and not to bully others into your work cycle.  A good step is be honest with yourself about the expectations your behavior sets for yourself and your team.  If your intent is to be noticed and appreciated, and you remind people of that constantly, chances are you are the workplace martyr.  Alternatively, you could just be obsessional or a people pleaser.

I’m quoted in this article in Are You the Workplace Martyr?

Let me know if you are the Workplace Martyr or you have one on your team.  I’m here to help!

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