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Every day is a chance to do better.

The world is more complicated than ever before. Every day is a reminder that hurt people hurt people.

Relationships are hard. We struggle to find our balance and our purpose.

There is a truth.

Through peace or war, personal or professional, today or tomorrow, someone will annoy you. Even though we want to react in love and kindness, it is hard to stay on that beam.

Join me as I continue to explore how to manage annoying people and mostly how to manage our annoying selves.

Check out my new website look at Aligned Workplace!

Come with me on my journey to find a new perspective, be relevant, and rise to do my true job on this planet, to help others.

Please let me know if I can brighten your day with a new perspective, an inappropriate story, or just a connection and a conversation.

And pass it on – I am ready to speak to the world.

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