For the last 69 months, I wrote this blog.  Every other week.  And now I am done.  I thought I would be sad.  That lasted a few minutes.  Instead, a deep rich warm feeling started in my belly and spread to my heart radiating warmth to the tips of my fingers and toes.  The feeling I have is gratitude. 

Grateful for the opportunity to use my words and my voice. 

Grateful to those of you who opened the emails and read my blog. 

Grateful to the ones who let me know what it meant to them, and those who commented.

Grateful to those who asked me to speak.

Even more grateful to those of you who paid me to speak and consult.

Grateful to those who bought my book (available on Amazon and other resellers).  

Grateful for all of the press mentions, podcasts, and radio spots.  

Grateful for those I met on this journey.

Grateful for learning, growing and finding belonging.

The Journey of Willing

Like most good stories, I started this blog journey unwillingly.  Thrust into chaos in my work life due to a boss gone felon. I had bills to pay, a daughter to raise, and some dignity worth fighting for.   

The path we least desire is often the one that brings us much fulfillment.  

Don’t bother to go looking for who said the quote – that’s an original!


This is my last blog post on Aligned Workplace.   My new purpose is to write a newsletter called Anti-Purpose.  I know, most of you followed what I did here, contrasting two things that are often the exact same.  Anti-purpose will focus on those things we do not do in service of ourselves.

Exposing my idiosyncrasies is not an entirely new theme for me.  It turns out that when I wrote about annoying people, I knew I was number one in line. Being annoying often works against your own interest.  Click to take the slightly outdated, albeit super insightful quiz for your annoying type.   And against my own interest is against my own purpose.  Anti-purpose.  

Still Speaking!

I will continue to speak to leaders and founders who want to use innovation to find and keep top talent. My website Aligned Workplace will be streamlined and focus on speaking only (that’s a work in progress). 

Referrals, requests, and introductions are very much welcome and appreciated.  My topics:

  • How to Attract and Retain Top Talent through Supportive Leadership
  • Finding the Balance Between Imposture Syndrome and Overconfidence
  • Techstars Global Facilitation
  • Managing Annoying People (still a crowd favorite)

My email and contact number 917.626.9616 remain the same. 

Anti-Purpose is Next

Anti-Purpose will be published on substack.  You can find it on substack by clicking this link.   For those of you who are subscribers, you will receive an email when I first post. 

My pen name: is marcus, because ism (ilene susan marcus) is marcus.  

I will be grateful to those of you who choose to stay connected and see how I work against my own interests and more importantly, the antics in getting there, and how I find my way out.   

Safe journey, my fellow travelers. 


Deb Koffman ArtWork; photo by is marcus



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