3 Reasons Your Efficiency Hacks Are Not Working

Who doesn’t want to get more accomplished in less time, with less effort?  Efficiency hacks have been a hot ticket for the past several years.  So why do I constantly hear workers complain about their workload, no time for vacation, and the amount of hours expected at the office.  Why aren’t these hacks making it better?  Why have we yet to find efficiency mantras that actually work?  

We are following the wrong advice.  It’s the negative hacks that work; not the positive seeming actions.  Let’s start with this truth:  It’s not what you are not doing that is holding you back.  It’s what you are doing. Like trying to open doors that will always stay closed to you.  Stop spending time on the wrong things, like pitching customers that don’t buy or offering jobs to those who reject you.   Start focusing on the things that work and your efficiency will soar.

Understand how to stop doing what’s not working:

1. It’s Counter Intuitive. 

As Americans we wrote the book on MORE, MORE, MORE.  The concept of doing less and getting more is counter intuitive.  We think one more go at it and this time it will work. Just not so.  Think about a much needed vacation, or rest.  After the vacation of actually doing less,  you can actually do more.  Read about quitting old behaviors that do not work.

2. We Focus on YES, not NO.  

We are trained to say Yes.  As in, “Yes I am a team player.” “Yes I will help my neighbor,” and the ultimate “‘Yes I can do that!”  We don’t want to be the Debbie Downer that says “No.”  And yet it is the NO that makes more space for our Yes.  Can you wrap your head around this?  No, leads to more yes.  It hones your priorities.

3.  Maybe, Someday, and Tomorrow  are the Bermuda Triangle of Efficiency. 

In classic Yoda fashion “Do or Do Not”.  Anything else is a waste of time.  Choosing an action, regardless if it’s an active DO or passive DON’T Do, puts you on a clear path with a concurrent action plan.  Waiting, undecided, lingering just slows you down and clogs your brain, your calendar and your energy.  Last fall I was featured on Marc Guberti’s Virtual Productivity Summit.  My most liked efficiency hack was: ” Do what you hate first. Once you get it done everything else will open up”.

To make your hacks work, make them purposeful and easy.  Follow my advice on Maroon Oaks Blog – Lead Your Workday with 12 Efficiency Mantras.   

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What’s Next:

It’s a little of a spiritual concept to grasp.  Only the doors that are meant to open, do open.  It doesn’t matter how much you knock, honk, sneak in and try to get access.  When it doesn’t work, stop doing on it and spend time on efforts that yield results.

If you focus on the people, companies and workers who understand you and your products and say “No” to those who don’t, you will have more time to say “Yes” to those who want to work with you.  And as a by-product you will be happier.

Try saying “No” to grow your business.



Lead your workday with 12 Efficiency Mantras


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