Are You Trans-Location?

I’m trans-location. I was born a City girl. In truth I’m a coutry bumkin. Where I live has a direct impact on my happiness and what I can bring to others. Find the best location that brings out the best you.  Especially when you start thinking about retirement living.  Get into your lifestyle mindset.  And I’ve never been more me.   And this flower picture, I grew that. Yes I gave birth to a peony.  Isn’t it a beauty!

Big City life​ made me anxious. Always having to beat the line, get a parking spot in front and snag the best Broadway seats.  I knew the ropes.  Still it was a lot of work.  One of my City friends said the crowds don’t bother him: “I am up and off to work real early.  No traffic, parking right in front of the best bagel shop and the streets are walk-able”.  I replied: “That’s the rest of the country every day, not just at 5 am”.

​I like hard work.  I did City living with gusto.  Stood right under the crystal ball at the turn of the century.  In the middle of Times Square, the center of the universe.  Surrounded by a screaming crowd, in front of the barricade with full Police escort.  Right along side 400 of my closest friends and the most outrageous all you can eat and drink buffet.  Those were the days.  And the truth of it, that confetti has a real sharp edge when it falls down to the street from the 29th floor.  

Absolutely, a once in a lifetime experience.   ​And so are the crickets, the way the flowers actually really spring – as in snow yesterday, flowers today!  As in my location can put me in a better mindset to be a better me.  

Read my blog on Sixty&Me about how where you end up says a lot about you.  It’s the journey my friends and where you choose to charge your cell phone.  There’s no place like home.

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