Zen in an Annoying World in 3 Simple Steps

How can you stay calm, cool and collected when everything and everyone around you is dancing on your last nerve?  Often you can’t.  Learning to not react is an advanced skill set.   It combines patience and trust.  Most of all it requires practice.  I have learned that it can be as easy as 1-2-3.

1. Breathe

Physiologically proven to slow you down.  Breathe deeply three times.  It works.

2. Close Your Eyes

Information gets to the brain almost 3x faster through vision than your other senses, including smell.  So stop the world and get off for a moment.  Just a moment.  Cosimo de’ Medici ruler of Florence (1389 -1464) credited with unifying Tuscany said “go slow, to go fast”.  To me, that means get your self grounded.  Situate yourself.  Set a good foundation and then go get ready to rock and roll and move quickly.

3. Calm Your Body

Your muscle memory has a deeply rooted history.   How your body responds sets the tone for what your brain will think about.  Paying close attention to the signals from your arms, legs and feet provides valuable clues about what’s going on in your head.  The old adage move a muscle and change a thought is spot on.   Read this blog on body language and its impact on how others perceive you.

What’s Next:

Don’t react to other people’s craziness.  Follow these three simple steps to calm yourself and stay zen in an annoying world.  Go slow, to go quick. 



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