Why Thanksgiving is the Best Invention Ever

Lately there is no escaping talk about politics.  There is so much debate between viewpoints, pundits analyzing each action.  It’s so annoying to hear all day long.  Once you start nit-picking, and complaining it becomes your norm.   Quickly it becomes ingrained in each comment,  you don’t even realize you are doing it.  Stop doing it.  Turn it around.  Focus on what we do well, not un-well.  Find what makes us unique and differentiates us in how we live our lives.

Sure every culture, country and religion has it’s own rituals.  Everyone has an Independence Day.  Some cultures even have a few including May Day.   But not a one comes close or beats Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is the greatest American holiday ever.  Focus more on what makes it great:

1.  Tradition

Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof, knew this all too well. Our traditions, no matter how simple, crazy or weird, bind us us a people, a family a culture.  Thanksgiving with an all day buffet, parades, football, early dinner, lots of pie, and leftovers.   I repeat pie….

2. Time Off

We have to face the truth, when it comes to holiday and siesta, American workers are lacking.  We work more than almost any other culture.  Solopreneurs, rarely get a day off; as well as those working retail and customer service. Many companies are trading and choosing holidays.  For the most part Thanksgiving is UN-touchable. 

3.  Time with Loved Ones

We all have our peeps – be it friends, family or the animals we love.  Many people need to fortify themselves to spend family time; but somehow we get through it.  And we are stronger for it.  Remember to love yourself first and be thankful for what you have.  My old feet kill me after a day of cooking, but I love that I have my feet!

4.  The Melting Pot

America took pride in being the melting pot.  The symbol of a place where all are welcome and fit right in.  Now-a-days students learn about the tossed salad — we all got thrown in and retain our flavor while we all work together to make something even more delicious.   The melting pot is like a high performance team, each with a speicfic role and each adding something unique and valuable to the whole.

5.  A Lazy Day

This is the official permission for a lazy day.  Even me, who does the cooking and cleaning and entertaining, somehow on Thanksgiving, I have permission to do it in my pajamas.  It’s just a little bit easier with fluffy slippers.

What’s Next:

Remember what makes America great.   Try to put a little Thanksgiving into everyday.

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