What if I Have No Problems?

Lately every blog, news, mode of social media is telling me how to do something better or giving me steps to fix something or a list of ideas to try.  What if I have no imminent problems, issues or concerns?  I’ll tell you what to do…Learn how to do nothing.

1.  Savor the Moment

Enjoy. Be in the moment. No lists, meetings or drama.  Just sit there. 

2. Make a Mental Note

When things go wonky; because they will – it’s the circle of life.  Use this memory to bolster your resolve and know it can and does get good. Make a memory of the feeling. 

3. Trade Up

I’d like to pass on a lesson from one of my mentors. A kindred soul – I met Cheevah Blatman, a Southern Bell from Richmond VA, during my first year in Grad school.  I have lived by her words of wisdom ever since. Some of it too juicy for this blog. Here’s one piece I can share: “Trade-Up”.  When something goes wrong, when righting the ship, just don’t mend it, fix it.  Make it better, hence “trade-up”.  When something goes right; make it even tighter and “trade-up”.  Take a lost earring for example.  Don’t just look for a replacement, get a better pair.  Computer on the fritz?  Upgrade to what you need and truly want: hot color, more memory, lighter weight. This also applies to goal setting. “Trade-up”.   Dream it bigger.  Build it better. Choose something of greater importance.

What’s Next:

Nothing.  Savor, enjoy and just sit there. 
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