What Are You Doing In Virtual Meetings?

What are you doing during your virtual meetings?   For me, it depends on the meeting.   And my mood.  Let’s be honest, in or out of the office setting, my moods still show up.  How do I show up regardless?  Zippa based in San Francisco polled 2,000 workers and found out.  

What are people doing during on-line meetings? The answer is:  It depends more on your geography than your defined organizational role.

1.  Cleaning out the Inbox.   

Truth be told, I am guilty of this one.  And why not?  My inbox is always overflowing.  The trick is not to email the people in the meeting so they know for sure that you are not paying attention.  There are times you are expected to find documents and emails during the meeting, but not all the time.   

2.  Snacking.

Managing annoying people, you would be surprised how often team members complain about someone chewing loudly or bringing a smelly meal.  Now virtually you cannot smell the food, although all your movements, including chewing are very obvious.  Carrots are always a good snacking choice albeit not on line where you chew, chew, chew.

3.  Doing Chores.

We are all have a little ADD (attention deficit disorder) and when we think about something, want to, or feel the need to get it done.  Think twice before moving around.  If it is in your culture, put your video on hidden.  If not, learn how to sit still and do your chores after.   Remember, when it’s your turn to present and show-up you want everyone to pay attention to you.  Honor your workmates and do the same. 

What’s Next:

Decide how you want to show up and be that person.  Don’t move around too much and make it obvious that you are not engaged. Pick what matters and what doesn’t.  Prepare snacks before and keep handy.  Pay attention, you don’t want to miss something important. 

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