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Agility matters.  Your ability to pivot and unlock the “potential of you” is critical at all life stages.  Inspired by a conversation at the DLE leadership Program. You can check out the DLE Hub and see great programs and advice to own your career.  This blog is inspired by a DLE breakfast meeting with former NFL player Watch the Breakfast Club With Derrell Smith.  Derrell spoke about entrepreneurship and said “Everyone needs a swiss army knife!”  I couldn’t agree more.  Build your toolbox with basic tools that are multifunctional, useful and can spring into action for any situation that comes your way.  This includes your team, your value proposition and your approach to getting the job done.

1. Work Hard

There is no substitute for a basic ethic of hard work.  Just put it on YouTube.  Just get it out there.  Those of us building businesses know that it is easier said than done.  There are no shortcuts to success.  Hard work is mandatory.  I love this quote by Samuel Goldwyn, the film producer

The harder I work the luckier I get.

2. Take Every Opportunity

Set aside what you know and try opportunities that come your way.  Yes you need a strategic approach, but sometimes that approach is about trying different messages, angles, delivery vehicles, venues, any thing that gets your craft and message out there.  Each step sets the journey, eventually you will know which steps to skip and which to dive into.  

3. Faith is Mandatory

You got to believe.  Believe in yourself.  what you do.  The value you bring to the world.  To the work.  To your team.  If you do not believe in what you are doing, how can anyone else get behind your mission, your purpose.

4.  Emulate You

Build your team with people who think, believe and understand your vision.  That may get annoying, so remember to get the Handbook on Managing Annoying People written by yours truly.

5. Be Mission Based 

Follow your why.  Be able to talk about your why with passion and purpose.  As popularized by Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on Why.

6.  Market to the Fatal Flaw

Don’t hide who you are and what can and will go wrong.  Be truthful and honest and show-up as your authentic self with all of your vulnerability and warts. 

7.  Failure is part of success

Another favorite quote from Mark Twain:

Wisdom comes from experience.  And experience comes from bad decisions.

No one succeeds without setbacks, mistakes, and misgivings.  It’s the moving forward and continue to believing that moves the needle and your success.

What’s Next:

Make sure you have a current toolbox.  Keep your best tools at the quick, sharp and ready.  You never know when you will need to pivot.  Get LinkedIn with Derrell Smith.



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