The Ultimate Revelation About Trusting My Instincts

Loud, engaging and right in the middle of things has always been my style.   I call them like I see them, shoot straight from the hip and diligently pursue outstanding results.   SO why am I afraid to tell it like it is and dole out my special brand of advice?  Can you relate?  Do you feel like you have to adjust your style or tone down your thoughts?  While everyone needs to account for “culture” how can you not lose the uniqueness of you?

In a twist of fate, although you already know I am trans-location (country girl in big city), all of my analogies are western today.   I love analogies, they make sure the point gets across with a frame of reference.  Analogies provide insight into the twisted workings of my thought pattern.  That’s part of the uniqueness.  Analogies work for me.

1. Stop Being Gun Shy

I have been working since I was underage to work.  I understand the basics of attitude.  Being able to please my boss or clients is second nature to me.  Making an impact is always the goal.  So why now do I feel that I have to watch every step?  Well, life happens.  Unanticipated events, such as your long-time boss embezzling and going to jail, changes your vantage point.  Soap opera dramas that happen in real life: Is it art imitating life or life imitating art?    I don’t know, but it just seems to happen more and more.

Life experiences are designed to throw you for a loop.  Gun shy – afraid to shoot because of past experience.  Well the past is the past.  Don’t let it define your future, or mine for that matter.  Just shoot.

2. Remember:  Not My First Rodeo

Sizing up situations quickly is fine-tuned skill set.  If you make your income as a manager this skill set is a basic survival tool.  And that’s where the trouble begins.  I often address topics and concerns that others aren’t even conscious about yet.  Yes, it’s a little psychic. I’m just doing my thing. Saying my thing.  Telling it like it is. Often, when I make a comment or a recommendation, it may seem out of left field to others.  For instance, when I say:  “I can tell that guy is going 9.3 seconds on a bull”,  others think I’m guessing.  I’m not.  My intuition tells me and I has a good long track record behind me.  

3.  As said by John Wayne:   “Courage is Being Scared to Death and Standing up Anyway”

When I am in the zone, I don’t even have to think about my actions, they are automatic.  In this SarderTV interview, it just comes out naturally without judgement.  If I have to explain how this impacts you being you — you really do need help.

What’s Next?

Move forward one step at time.  Take the next right action and build evidence that trusting yourself yields results.   Go get’em cowboy.


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