That’s How Capitalism Works…

In one of the smartest marketing moves ever, Jaguar sold a fleet of cars to Enterprise Rental.  Announced in 2018, it’s an interesting read.

Enterprise entered into a “loss of use contract” with Vermont Mutual.   All I had to do was schedule the work at the body shop and when I dropped my car off, I picked up the rental.

The Backstory

Oh, let me insert a little backstory.  Here’s a little ditty I wrote about the car accident that happened in my town when I was leaving the Post Office. Please sing it to the tempo of a country-rap genre (think Walker Hayes).  Ideas for song names are welcome!

Woke up this morning thoughts circling in my head.  Was all I could do, to get out of bed. Dragging my ass through town, wondering why you are not slowing down.  You crash into me, why can’t you take responsibility?

Chorus:   Yep, it’s the town bitch.  Kid on each hip.  Pout on the lips.  Known for your hit and run. Not today. Because I don’t go sideways. 

Cavalier in your Chevrolet.  Chatting away cause you do this everyday.   Backing out so fast, you are not used to being last.   It shows you have no class and are always the first to dash. 

Chorus:   Yep, it’s the town bitch.  Kid on each hip.  Pout on the lips.  Known for your hit and run. Not today. Because I don’t go sideways. 

Getting the Car Fixed

After the Police report, insurance documentation, and inspection, I am off to the body shop to drop my car to be fixed.  It’s arranged through the insurance so I pick up my rental right there.  I show up at 8:50 am for my 9 am slot.  The receptionist tells me they are getting a late start. 

Around 9:15, a guy shows up and is ushered right to his waiting Nissan Maxima rental.  About 10 minutes later, an older couple comes in and is also served promptly, put right into their Ford Escape.   

I’m waiting, waiting, waiting.  Another 10 minutes and a very shiny sleek black SUV pulls in.  It looks brand new and I ask the service agent:  What does that car need?  She looks right at me, a broad smile comes across her face and she says:  That’s your ride!

My Jag

I spent 20 minutes smack in the middle of the parking lot, blocking several vehicles, setting up the features, like I owned the thing.  And this is saying something because I never even cared about the color of my car, let alone the make and model.  All I needed was a reliable vehicle that got me from point A to Point B with great gas mileage. 

Did I say the Jag has 10-way lumbar support?

Between the waiting and the time spent on setting up the car, I am now running late for my weekly Writing group.  I pull over at a popular roadside eatery.

Throughout the next hour and one-half, while writing and reading, I catch myself glancing over at the Jag comparing it with the other cars pulling in.  This happened several times. Luxury cars, hipster rides, farm vehicles.  By far it was the sexiest ride. That made me feel good.

Me and the Jag had only been together for two hours.  Notice that we are already in nickname status – The Jag.

10 Days Later

The 4-day fix took 10 days.  No worries, me and the Jag were tight.  Effortless to drive, easy to maneuver and my back never felt so good.  And that’s the story of why we are towing an off-road teardrop trailer behind a Jaguar luxury sedan. (FYI – my Honda could only tow 1,200 pounds and even dealer-installed it invalidated all the warranties.)

Brand Loyalty

I will never change my insurance broker who delivered this all up – thanks, Wheeler & Taylor.
I will never leave Vermont Mutual Insurance.
I will only rent from Enterprise.
I will drive a Jaguar!

Wait there’s another lesson.

This post goes viral. Kacey Musgrave or Carrie Underwood buy my lyrics and turn it into a major hit. I make passive income and can afford to buy the next Jag trim level up in five years or at 60,000 miles when my warranty and maintenance plans expire.

Jaguar taps into an unexpected demographic of young retirees (like me) who want to travel, live rurally, need AWD, towing ability and other country sensibilities combined with City comfort.  I become the spokesperson for this new demographic (okay so that may be a tad too far…).  Jaguar can increase pricing to pace exclusivity, more jobs, more boom.

Full circle capitalistic adventure. Damn, that was fun.

What’s Next:

Seek out strategic partnerships.  Follow your customer’s journey.  Upsell (create a need for a product I didn’t even know I needed). Build customer loyalty.   Above all make it easy!   

And that’s how Capitalism works.

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