Tell It Loud & Proud

What an experience to be one of the story tellers chosen by the Academy of Music Theatre and New England Public Radio in Season 6 of the Valley Voices Story Slam series!

The Rules are Clear and Simple

True stories told live without notes.  Hear some outrageous, funny and heartwarming true stories told in five minutes by your friends and neighbors from around the valley. The audience picks the winner, and a storytelling star is born! 

Reflections of my Personal Experience

I remember wanting to win.  I remember losing.  I remember being scared of a new experience.  I remember working hard to lean into that experience.  To feel the feelings and move forward.  To believe in myself.  My words.  My ability to show up.  To connect to others.  To be of service with a smile, a wave, a kind word.  I remember sharing my story and being embarrassed.  I remember sharing my story and owning it.  Showing a part of me to the world that I never have before.  To be vulnerable.  To stand and be judged.  And then, not to judge myself.  

Video Live Stream of “Around the Block” on November 5th, 2020

If you want to hear my original real story go to the 101.36 mark.

What’s Next:  

Tell your story loud and proud!  I’m listening.

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