TEAM: Together Everyone Annoys Me

I declared war on annoying people in 2017 with the release of my book Managing Annoying People.  Now it seems everyone wants in the act and it’s a hot topic — how annoying!  So let’s get going.

My special mission in life, my super-power if you will, is to help you get un-annoyed.  And yes, even the New York Times has gotten into the act.  The good news is that as experts we are all rowing in the same direction and providing actionable advice.  For the record, I’m just a little bit more annoying which yields just a little bit better advice.

So this holiday season, as tensions rise and your auto-physiological response kicks in…. remember:

1. Your Reactions Speak Louder than Your Actions

How you respond says more than how you approach situations.  Because you are the team leader, boss or new kid on the block, everyone is watching you.  Just slow down and be cool.  Don’t get annoyed.

2.  Keep Those Boundaries Clear

Stay in your own lane.  So hard to do.   Here’s a visual: when I point one finger at you, there are three pointing back at me. (Pro Tip: Point now and look at the three pointing back at you.)  Stay focused on your own role, goals and actions. 

3.  Smile Like You Have A Secret

I love this one.  It makes people wonder what you know that they don’t.  It also has the added benefit of making you appear smarter than you are when you keep your mouth shut.  You know it’s true.  So smile, like you know something and zip the lip.

4.  Send My Book to Your Loved Ones – It ALWAYS gets a Chuckle…

Who doesn’t want to give a gift that makes someone laugh and at the least smile?  Order it with one quick click on Amazon or Barnes&Noble,  Yes that’s right Barnes&Noble, you can support the underdog and get your shopping done.  I know what you are thinking, I have MANY people who can use this book — in this situation just shoot me an email and I’ll give you a deal.  Who doesn’t want a deal?  Deals are not annoying.

What’s Next:

Shameless plug – buy several copies of the book and give as gifts.  Believe me, it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  Un-Annoy yourself and cross off all of your holiday gift shopping.  Shoot me an email or call me and I’ll be happy to provide an author note.  Just don’t annoy me!


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