Stay Agile

Being Agile in an agile world is no easy feat.  Are you project management agile?

Below is a quick “cheat sheet” on the fundamental principles of being agile taken from project management to guide your efforts.  It covers the top 10 most popular agile project management software tools – totally applicable to all business and personal challenges.  

The 12 Fundamental Principles of Agile

Published by DPM, this read is a well-researched and thought-out article citing nearly 25 different sources.   Any of you interested in agile project management methodologies will find this a useful addition to your tool kit.  You can read it on the digital project
In addition, it provides a lot of useful background, including the 5 key components, and methodologies such as lean and scrum.  Good buzz words to know in this day.  

Memory and Agility

Secondly, you can also read a post of mine on Minutes are the Memory that summarizes useful information about getting your team on the same page.  The article includes a link to an article on minute taking in Business Management Daily

What’s Next:

Remember the old adage.  Jack be nimble.  Jack be quick.  Jack jump over the candlestick.  Use these agile principles to jump over any obstacles on your path to success.  


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