Retire or Re-fire?

Eventually, we all smack into this question:  Retire or Re-fire?   At first it sounds really great, no early meetings, endless days to catch up on my “life” and time to do all the things I put on the back burner while I opted for one more project, one more season, one more year to earn and save.

And then things changed. We slow down.  And we miss the work. Our community service and volunteering is great although it’s just not deep enough.  We dip our toe in.  Then our foot, and if you are like me, the body didn’t wait, just followed the foot in one smooth motion and dove right in. And here I am re-firing.  

The best part.  It’s for all the right reasons.

The world has changed and I have some experience with that. It’s time for me to bring that to the next generation of team leaders and senior managers.  Getting old has its perks.  I am a Social Worker at heart with a deep value of helping others to grow and succeed.  

What to Expect

  • Over the next few months, I will transition to working with live groups (virtually and in-person) and away from individual consulting, coaching, and mentoring.
  • My Blog will remain pretty much as my blog is with a few exciting changes (like my own published literary work)
  • More Micro-Burst Videos full of actionable advice (or sometimes just to make you laugh)
  • New emails will offer training and products

Emails Will Come from

  • The email in use now will still be in existence;
  • If you need to reach my team you can do so at:
  • Eventually, will  be replaced with 
  • My new signature color is green.  Although I still love orange and I still love turquoise.  And it’s still hard to choose.   Green speaks to me now. It says renewal, fresh, nature, and my signature call: Step on the gas pedal and go-go-go?

I Can Show You – Not Tell You.

This exciting new training offer puts together years of lessons and boils them down into actionable items.  I would appreciate connections, ideas, and any groups (love small groups) who would welcome this. 

Click for Ilene Marcus – Pro Bono Training Download PDF 

What’s Next:

More Words of Wisdom, fun facts, and poignant videos to come.  If you are thinking about unsubscribing, I understand…although it’s going to be quite a fun ride moving forward. 

Be an ambassador and help find places that need my brand of advice.

Stick around and grow with me.   I’d like to hear from you about things you need and would like.   Happy 2022!

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