Do You Know How Annoying You Are?

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Information is power.  This quiz is created to give you intel.  It is an oldie, but a goodie.  It will provide feedback about how others perceive you.  If you find yourself often saying:  It‘s not me, it’s them; your quiz results may surprise you. The truth, it is probably both of you!   The hardest lesson I’ve learned is:  

It’s not what I think I do that is annoying others.  It’s something entirely different.

3 Reasons to Take the Quiz:

1- It’s Fun and takes 3.6 minutes.

2- If you are honest, you will learn something new about yourself.

3- Concludes with SHORT, easy advice to start your journey to make relationships with co-workers drama free.

How Do You Measure Up?

The verdict is in.  In fact,  I have heard from many of you over the past three years, since releasing this quiz, that the annoying personality type is on target.

Some of you don’t like your results- including me! 

Your “type” is about the way you show up. I have found that once I own who I am, and how I show up, that’s when it gets interesting. 

How I Annoy Co-Workers’ Personality Types

Your Annoying-Type is information that can help you be even better at what you do. Here are the  6 personality types revealed in the quiz:

  1. Emma Stone:  The sweetest actress ever, barely ever annoying
  2. Mary Poppins: So perfect, it is so annoying.  Are you even real?
  3. Painfully Irresistible:  Just like Liam Payne from One Direction, a little pain, a little gain
  4. Next Popping: That’s irritating and everyone can see it! I am saying:  Take the pic already!
  5. Like A Kardashian:   You are so on top of what’s new its both annoying and yet jealous making
  6. Steaming Hot: It’s coming out of both your ears and everyone knows it.  Stand back…

What’s Next

I am a Kardashian. I thought I would be Steaming Hot – Whew, that’s a relief.  And yet, designing and knowing the quiz, couldn’t I game it to be Mary Poppins.  No, I could not.  I had to own up and accept where I am.  As a result,  once I accept that, I can change.  Use this quiz “intel” to propel your journey to your best self.  

You Can Start the Quiz Here:

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