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Products to Manage Annoying People

Free Training 	  Learn  5 Tactics to Manage Annoying People.  Get, tasty quick bites delivered in  webinar format.   Available live and recorded for your convience.       On-Line Training 	Easy to follow 8 module course  to guide you through changing your current situation.  	Exercises and activities to practice your new skills.   	Cheat sheets, templates and  scripts to take action.  Personalized Packages 	Choose a package of 6, 12 or 18 sessions. 	Personalized guidance on the  modules in the 8-week course. 	One-on-one advice, feedback and problem solving. 	Tailored exercises and resources for your specific situation.

Products to Help You

Aligned Workplace℠ Free Training

Sign up for our free training in a webinar format.  Learn the secrets of managing annoying people.  Grow your profits, purpose, relevance and joy.   Join live or watch on demand.   You choose the format that works best for you.  How un-annoying!

Aligned Workplace℠ On-Line Training

In-depth content delivered right to your computer on demand.  Your paid membership gets you eight 30 minute segments.  Learn how to identify your reactions.  Most importantly learn how to change your reactions.   You'll get a bunch a problem solving techniques - not old school and believe me, different than you will get anywhere else.  I help you identify your role in the situation and use that to your advantage.  Yes, you will actually be turning annoying situations into amazing experiences.   

Aligned Workplace℠ Personalized Packages

Some of you just need one-on-one assistance.  Some need help for the whole team.  Some of you are so annoying that you think your situation is so different.  You are probably right!  In these situtions, my customized packages get you focused, sane and uber productive. Call me to discuss what you need, how I can get you there and how much it will cost you.  You didn't think this one was a freebie- did you?  Then you really need me!

About Ilene

For 30 years I have spearheaded new ventures and been a change agent for large, complex organizations including government and major non-profits. My role primarily involves working with the leadership and senior team to execute results-driven metrics, launch new divisions/products and strategic and financial planning to take the business to the next level.

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Training on Managing Annoying People

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