One Thing

If there was one thing you could do to make your life easier, would you do it?  Would you take one simple act to make your day smooth sailing?  As a result would you feel better?  Would those around you notice?  

Let’s hedge our bets and say, I want to.  Often I am just not motivated. Even for a small task.  Or I get too busy.  And then it becomes complicated. 

Next, I rationalize and say I’ll start tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the day.  This post gives guidance on how to simplify – Tackle Simpler This Year.

Today is that tomorrow. 

Just for today, I will follow this advice.  I will do one simple thing to make my life easier.  Imagine if we all did  just that.  Anxiety, tension, would start to slip away.  Compassion and kindness would enter.  If one of us does better, we all do better.  

For instance, you could try this very actionable advice in this short read posted on Lifehack about one simple thing.

What’s Next: 

Take one simple action today.  You will feel accomplished.  Those around you will notice and be inspired to do the same. 

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