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Ilene has faced her own emotions surviving rare cancer; a financially devastating divorce, and public humiliation, being fired when her boss was sent to prison for embezzlement. She knows first-hand that managing emotions matters. Her advice will make you laugh, cringe, feel noble and ultimately change.

Ilene Marcus

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Managing Annoying Me 

Managing Annoying Me leans into introspection and self-examination with 3-simple ways to change on the inside, how we each act on the outside. How do we make more time for our priorities? For who we want to be? For who we can be? Each of us has many roads to navigate, work, friends, family, and life purpose. Fully showing up to meet these challenges comes down to our everyday choices.

Managing Annoying Managers

Managing annoying people is truly relevant in an environment where co-workers, neighbors, family, friends and community groups interact. Serving on committees, running errands and navigating activities of daily living are even more challenging when others are involved. Even our loved ones and neighbors we value, can drive you crazy with numerous social skill sets, personal styles and eccentricities that can annoy to no end. Ilene Marcus, author of the book Managing Annoying People, provides techniques and insights on how to glide through these interactions with grace, ease and a joy.

Attract and Retain Top Talent Through Supportive Leadership

“The Supportive Leadership Model™” is a proprietary methodology to attract and retain top talent, based on a 30-year leadership study of more than 100 organizations.
Gain Insight into a new paradigm for finding and keeping top talent. Pinpoint roadblocks clogging up your talent pipeline. Learn new tools to adopt and sustain an entrepreneurial culture. Through interactive discussion and exercises participants will explore: a) individual contribution to leverage team outcomes; b) budget neutral resources for finding and retaining top talent; and c) keys to an innovation mindset.

About Ilene Marcus

The author of Managing Annoying People and the Aligned Workplace blog, Ilene has 32 years in executive positions at multi-million-dollar organizations and entrepreneurial enterprises ranging from turning around NYC's Human Resources Administration, managing 10,000 people (one of the largest social welfare agencies in the country) currently serves as a Global Facilitator for leading Seed Accelerator TechStars. Ilene runs Aligned Workplace mentoring leaders and founders who want to use innovation to find and keep top talent. She’s worked with over 60 organizations and over 300 people and intuitively understands systems, culture, and mission and can tie that to human purpose, satisfaction, and productivity. Her speaking engagements, filled with humor and common-sense advice, have delighted audiences nationwide. Her advice is featured in Yahoo Finance, Huff Post, Glamour, Readers Digest, and HR.com, among others. She earned both a Master of Social Work (MSW) and a Master of Public Administration (MPA) from Columbia University She served as Adjunct Faculty at Columbia University School of Social Work for 10 years.

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cindy hussey

Founder, Velvet Eyewear

"Ilene is quick to analyze issues and find meaningful and valuable solutions. Great at spearheading projects and making the most of opportunities. She is ethical, energetic, and enthusiastic. She is diversified and is a great advisor."

Suzanne livingston

Business Coach, Trainer, Mentor, and Developer of Contribution-Centered Leadership™ and The Contribution Approach™

"Ilene is a one of a kind... in an extraordinary way! It's not uncommon to hear colleagues say "She nailed it...again!" Ilene has keen insight and is able to see the higher vision of things and then help others up level their way there."

michael morrison

Former President, and Publisher Harper Collins General Books

"Ilene’s presentations should be required
for all teams."

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