What Everyone Must Know About the Bull on Your Team.

Do you know who the bulls are on your team and how to handle them?  Can you tell which team members are driving change and who is tangling-up the team process?  This blog originally titled Everything Looks Weak Next to the Bull is about how to get out of the way when the Bull is breaking all the China in the place.  It’s about those team members who are always raring to go.  They jump start the project.  They get things flowing.  They take a lot of credit for their efforts.  Eventually these are the team members who tangle up the process instead of driving it forward.  There are a confluence of factors that lead to this situation.  As a team leader or team member, you can learn to recognize the factors that stop process.  Learn which of these you can control and when you need to run and take cover.   Read the full article on Thought Leaders LLC.  to see why everyone looks weak next to the bull.

Sometimes the person on your team who is “driving change” is actually driving everyone crazy. How can you figure out the difference? What do you do when you learn they’re making everyone nuts?

1.  You Let Them Get Away with Whatever.

And I mean whatever. It doesn’t matter if you are the team leader or a member.  It’s too hard to stand up to them.  Actually, it’s just easier to not deal with it based on prior experience.  It will take too much of your time.  You can just deal with it later, whatever the fallout is.  Either way, they have the ball and you let them run, run, run.  And run all over you, they do.

2. Take Cover. 

You have that gut feeling that you will be collateral damage.  Run and take cover.  It doesn’t mean you don’t care about the team or the project or the outcome.  It just means you need to lay low until it becomes clear, how and what you can contribute.   There is an old saying for when a team member goes rogue “our job is to sell rope and let them get tangled”.  Because you care, cover your assets.

3.  Live with the Chaos. 

A certain amount of chaos during a new project is expected and during a change process, a given.  If you can’t live in the grey, then this is not the job for you.   Even when chaos is expected and real, it takes a talented manager to point the chaos in the right direction.  The direction that will align the team to work together and reach even better than intended results.  If you can live with the chaos, you can be the one to take the team forward when it counts.

Read the full article on Thought Leaders LLC.


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