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Motivational Speaking (is there any other kind?)

Born to share words of wisdom (WOWs), Ilene's favorite activity is speaking. Using humor to tap into truths about workplace dynamics,  Ilene's  signature speeches will make you laugh; make you cringe; and ultimately make you change.  See your actions as others do.  It's Powerful.  

Equal parts Teacher, Catalyst and Entertainer,  Marcus  starts with background research  to focus directly on your  issues and crafts stories, lessons and ideas that leave a memorable mark.  

Marcus’s provocative style stimulates action to build a more joyful workplace to drive your agenda forward with purpose.

Phil Fine, Vistage International
Best Practice Chair/Master Chair/Group Chair

​I've always classified people into three groups: those who give me energy, those who are neutral, and those who suck out all my energy.  I have never found a way to deal successfully with the energy suckers.  Ilene Marcus' nuanced book presents a fantastic and clear pathway on how to deal with these annoying people.  My only regret is that the book was not available 40 years ago.   The energy, productivity and happiness I lost would certainly have been reduced.   Kudos, for a masterful, helpful and practical approach to dealing with those people in your life who suck the oxygen out of your environment.

Speaking Topics:

Managing Annoying People

Truly relevant in today’s workplace with employees who are competent, moral and ethical and yet drive you crazy!  When employees bring real value, managers are challenged to cope with numerous social skill sets, personal styles and eccentricities that can annoy to no end.  Ilene Marcus, author of the book Managing Annoying People,  provides techniques and insights on how to change this relationship dynamic to  save time, energy and annoyance. 

Live Interactive Workshop for Team Leaders and Senior Managers

To Increase Productivity, Embrace Your Role as Team Leader and Ignite Motivation

During February and March 2022

Find Relief From Daily Management Annoyances interactive workshop brings together key learnings, tools, and next steps.  I show you how to obtain a 360-degree view of the workplace so you can get a well-rounded perspective of what is going on and clarity on how you can change the relationship dynamic at work. 

My Promise: This training will bolster managers to handle diverse situations, take authority and permeate Senior Leadership’s message throughout the organization.  It sets up your team for growth and success by showing them their unique value and how to leverage that in the organization for everyone’s success. 

In this 60 min training you will be able to:

Recognize the triggers and motivations that cause you to react and get tools to plan your response in advance

Learn pause tactics that give you the breathing room to address issues while staying in the conversation and moment

Uncover tangible data about your mission alignment and productivity that you can use in discussions on resources, outcomes, and role

Gain insight into where you’re missing the mark on how you spend your time, the narrative you are using, and find out what you can do instead

Available For:
Meeting Facilitation

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