Interview with Mike Schikman on Managing Annoying People

What a great interview with Mike Schikman!  Managing Annoying People includes Mike’s crazy neighbor, who likes to shoot a cannon off after his favorite football team wins.  And that drives all of the neighbors crazy because they root for the other team.  That certainly is annoying.  Best advice, take it down a notch.   Have a real conversation about how it impacts the neighborhood.   Be the voice of reason, even though you are irritated.  

Although I usually write about business settings, my common sense advice is applies to most annoying situations.   Mike Schikman has been a broadcaster for the Harrisonburg Radio Group since 1988.  Before then, he was a radio voice of James Madison University football and basketball for 29 years.

Listen to it here – its entertaining……..

Write to me if you would like to banter……

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