Managers Matter

The great resignation has spurred debate about why workers are leaving.  I believe the evidence is clear.   Managers Matter.  

Studies and data before the pandemic, such as this 2016 HBR (Harvard Business Review) article highlight this truth.


Why Now?

The pandemic just showed the cracks in the veneer.  Meaning, if you were unhappy at work, especially with your manager, the strain of creating a virtual relationship or the demands of being in close contact and short-staffed, just made the things you were unhappy about even more evident. 

This article on the Managers effect on team performance in hits the nail on the head.   You can link to it here.

It discusses the ripple effect in the organization when Managers are not effective. We have all been there, it makes the days longer, the work less interesting and the payoff very low. 

Work is a Team Sport

Whether we like it or not, we must count on others to get our work done.  In sports parlance to move the ball to the goal.  Team,  one of my favorite acronyms:   Together Everyone Annoys Me is a real workplace issue.   This blog talks about team dynamics.

What’s Next

Take honest stock of your habits.  Think about the managers you want to emulate and those you want to forget.   When you know better you can work at doing better.  



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