Make Leading a Better Job – My Guest Blog in CEO Magazine!

Every now and then we are asked to do something that scares us.  As entrepreneurs, leaders and fearless business mentors, we know we need to do it.  That’s how I felt when CEO Magazine asked me to be a guest blogger.  And we all know the story — what pushes me, makes me stronger.  How exciting another growth opportunity!

Working with CEOs, Founders and Business Owners, I serve as a confident to those who have the weight on their shoulders of being in charge.  It’s lonely at the top.  Mentors are a valuable resource.  I  feel your pain.  I know your pain. I survived your pain.  I can help you do it with joy.   Anytime you can get rid of distractions and focus on what motivates you, you will be happier.  Your team will be happier.  At work, happier equals productive, and successful.   

Read my full guest blog, Make Leading a Better Job

Tell me, what gets in the way of your priorities and leading with joy at work?

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