Like Yesterday

I remember 9-11 like yesterday.   The shaking ground.  The burning falling sky.  The smell of death and destruction. I remember being evacuated form the 21st floor only a block away from the falling towers.  I walked with thousands of others, in silence, in fear uptown.  With no cell service, no idea of what was going on and not knowing if I and those I loved would survive.

I remember the weeks and months and years after.  Rebuilding, reinforcing, making stronger.

Now I know that it was not an ending but a beginning.  Of finding my resiliency and my community. Of remembering to live for the day and prepare for tomorrow.  Of honoring whatever life throws at me and finding the courage to throw some stuff right back.

What’s Next:

We never know.  And yet we persevere.  Go forth and be audacious.

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