Last Day on Earth?

Older and wiser, I am often asked to give advice about what I have learned.  That’s quite a loaded question, even for me who is extremely opinionated and can analyze anything ad nauseum.  Life has thrown me many curve balls and I have finally learned what I needed to know.  How and where to tell my truth is another story. 

Everyone is talking about what has changed for them.  New self-awareness due to Covid isolation, boredom and fear has clarified many of life’s murky questions.  Then again, entering my sixth decade of life deserves introspection.   

Last night at the Boston Speaks event, Live Words  I answered this question:

What Life Lesson Would You Share If Tomorrow Was Your Last Day On Earth?

Several speakers answered the question .  My lessons start at the mark of 49:27 on this recording of the event.

Or you can listen to the voice recording. 

The beginning is cut off so if you listen please read this sentence first.

Enter the scene:  It’s a rainy cold day in NYC, trying to get uptown and finally on the subway platform that is five people deep, everyone soggy and wet waiting for the train… 

What’s Next:

Be kind.  Be audacious.  Stake your claim.  Know that you are enough.  Actually you more than enough.

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