Sorry: A Toolkit Essential

Yesterday, I started a meeting with an apology.  My exact words:

I apologize for not being ready and on-time for our last meeting.

The response from my Coach: 

I accept, thank you. Especially since my column today in Forbes is on apologies. It’s on Ken Blanchard’s new book.  Let’s leave it at that. 

And that’s the way my life goes these days.  I show up on my path, honest and open about who I am and a lesson ensues.  Usually with perfect timing.   

So here it is – Henry Devries’s Column from Forbes.  A note about Henry; he has been my guide and Northstar.  His advice and insight are always spot on and show me how to help myself and others.   

What Role A Successful Apology Plays in Building a Trusted Personal Brand.

What’s Next:

Take stock and say I’m sorry when you truly mean it and are able to accept responsibility for what you did or did not do.   Who knows what will happen next, but I bet it will open unexpected doors. 



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