I’ll Tell You Why Your Boss Isn’t Happy With You

Always a thrill to be quoted on Yahoo Finance.  Thanks Charlene Oldham.  This is a quick read with all around good advice for workplace engagement.   

#8. Your Boss Keeps You Out of the Loop

You can’t expect to be privy to every policy decision, says Ilene Marcus, chief executive officer of the consulting firm Aligned Workplace and author of “Managing Annoying People.”  But an unhappy boss might simply be trying to avoid interacting with you. 

“However, as your superior in the organization, the boss is responsible for keeping you informed about policy, programs, changes in plans and overall company strategy,” she advises.

What You Should Do

“A manager’s key job is to provide the tools, resources and direction to staff so that they can perform their jobs,” says Marcus. “If your boss stops providing these things, start asking for them.”

Read the full post by clicking this link.  Isn’t that annoying – you know how to click a link

What’s Next:  

If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands and thank your lucky stars.  Chances are, if you are happy at work and doing a good job, your boss is happy with you.  


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