Find the Miserable Managers

The times they are a-changing.  And it makes me wonder where are those who feel stuck at work.  We aren’t talking about them.  We hear a lot of news about the great resignation.  I jumped on the bandwagon with my blog  Managers Matter.  We know that 4.4 million Americans – left their jobs in September 2021, that’s 3% of the workforce. Marisa Nelson of wttw Chicago does a great job shedding light on the quitters.

But I am curious. What about those Managers who are staying?

Where are the managers who are stuck in their jobs? Those who don’t leave.  They can’t flee for a host of reasons.  Those who are causing unnecessary agitation, grief and annoyance all around them.  

Who is managing up and managing down and annoyed all the way around?

And who are they annoying?  And what are those who are being annoyed doing about it?

Help me find the miserable managers.

What’s Next:

Help me find the miserable managers who need help.  Do you have ideas about where they hang out?  What organizations do they belong to?  Where they are getting their advice from?  What do they read?  What schools did they go to?  What level of their career are they at?  That’s a lot of questions, feel free to answer ones I haven’t even asked.   Email me at

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