Everyone is Anxious and That’s Annoying

No doubt we are all anxious.  The constant news cycle, pandemic cases rising, personal losses mounting.  It is very tough times.  And then the constant low level anxiety that permeates our day and thoughts:

How do I get through all of my virtual meetings, emails, social media posts and phone calls?

How Does Anxiety Show-up at Work?

One of my most popular blog posts was How Does Anxiety Show-up at Work?   Many of you wrote me that you value the perspective of  understanding why anxiety filled employees act the way do.  

Writer Katie Holmes reached out to add more value to the story.  Katie spent the last couple of weeks writing a new piece on how to combat anxiety.  Compiling some fantastic submissions from 22 different mental health professionals (and others).  

 Here is some of the actionable, practical advice in her article 

  • Helping others through their anxiety can help you deal with your own issues
  • Take your thoughts to court, consider actionable steps you can take to remedy the worry, and be mindful in everything you do so you’re not obsessing over your worries all the time
  • Decide on your desired state and rehearse it
  • Deep breathing exercises, acupressure, exercising and visualizing throwing your worries away
  • Consider an activity that will get you out of the house and have some interaction with people
  • Realize you’re not alone, and seek help

What’s Next

Find your own best practice to reduce your anxiety.  When you “right-size” yourself,  as a leader you will help others calm themselves and show up with their best intent.





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