Empathy is My Superpower

I always wanted a superpower.  X-ray vision or to be faster than a speeding bullet.   We realize truths about ourselves in the strangest of moments.  My truth is I cannot see through concrete walls or even run at the speed close to a bullet.  My superpower is empathy.  The reality is that I must harness that power and use it wisely.  While it is abundantly documented that empathy is a mandatory skill to be a good leader, how to use it is not as widely documented.  We can learn (some of us quicker than others) how to be kind, humble and aware.   It’s much harder to learn how to balance empathy with action.

Why is Empathy the Most Important Leadership Skill?

Read about it the article published by Fast Company.

Empathy is Not a Soft Skill

Having empathy requires tough ethics, read about it in Forbes.com.

What’s Next: 

Think about what your superpower is. Use it wisely. And always be kind.  Please share my poem.  


empathy and power
empathy poem


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