Don’t Steal the Glass

When most people talk about the glass they are referring to their status as an optimist or pessimist.  These days that’s the wrong question.  How about who owns the glass?  

My blog is now way off topic from where I started 3 years ago writing about leading through difficult situations with challenging team personalities up against big goals.   These days, I am much more interested in personal trials and choices.  It’s amazing to see how each individual’s small actions can corrupt the team dynamic.   We are heading back towards a Kitty Genovese situation.  Unfortunately most people don’t even remember Kitty – millennials, please click, read and learn. Read about the “Bystander Effect” and Kitty’s murder.

The new question:  Is it your glass?

Watch this video and make your own choice.  Would you take the sea glass or leave it on the beach?

What’s Next:

Take responsibility for your own actions.   Don’t take the sea glass.  If you do, be ready for what happens next.



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