The Goal: Managers excel by building their skills and fostering an inspirational, kind and joyful workplace culture.

The Transformation: A miraculous change in your team dynamic.

  • Energized cohesive team
  • Truly appreciate your staff and have them in the right role
  • More powerful work impact
  • Work environment with purpose and joy
  • Master staying on track

The Process: Ilene takes you through five stages to tackle business goals and boost outcomes.

  • 1) Assessment
  • 2) Congruence Analysis
  • 3) Paradigm Shift
  • 4) Urgency
  • 5) Integration

Proprietary Tools: To increase resources; analyze current strategy and determine plans of action.

  • Metrics
  • Role Playing
  • ​Past/Present/Future
  • Blue Sky Plan
  • Genting/Bridezilla
  • Dashboard
  • ​Storybook
  • Pie Chart
  • Core Flow
  • Key Messages
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