Build Your Bench Strength

Team Leaders and Sr. Managers need bolstering to manage up and down and all the way around. Preparing to launch my new on-line course re-affirms my guiding belief of the pivotal role team leaders and sr. managers play.

Work is a Team Sport is a Complex Message

1- Yes, you have to work together. It matters.

2- Find and embrace a common mission and values.

3- Ask for help and count on others.

4- Build the right fit partners who complement and support each other.  

5- Define roles and jobs and understand everyone’s unique contribution.

6- And yes, have people ready to step in and play.  Build your bench strength.


What Does Building Bench Strength Look Like?

Sally Helgesen, nails it in her recent blog post.  Sally is known as the World’s premier expert on women’s leadership. Best-selling author, international speaker, and leadership coach. Most recent book: How Women Rise. Coming next: Rising Together.

You can link to Sally’s post by clicking here: Resilience is Best Played as a Team Sport.


What’s Next

Even in tight, lean, and tough times, engagement of Team Leaders and Frontline employees is critical.  Show your employees that you care about your and their futures with a consistent, viable, and definable effort.  





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