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It has been a real pleasure to work with Shift Management on presenting the Managing Annoying People Webinar and writing a guest blog on Powerful Engaged teams. You know I like to say, tend to your PETS (Powerful Engaged Teams) to drive success.

Maire Gervais, Ph.D, CEO of Shift Management says:  

You need employees who can make good decisions, take initiative and show leadership. They have to be able to apply new ideas and technology while keeping up efficient and productive work. When people learn at work, they keep their thinking skills sharp. Shift Management provides the tools you need to succeed in workplace learning.

The 3 main points in the blog are:

As a leader and manager in your company, it’s your prime responsibility to provide the framework for staff to perform.  Master these three management skills to cultivate high performing teams.

  • Nurture Attributes that Contribute to Team Success:  Even if you know what drives each individual, as the team manager you must also know how to drive the team as a cohesive unit.  
  • Use Techniques that Drive a Collaborative, Joyful Team Culture:  Laughter in a meeting can be a great business driver.  Make sure you know how to motivate your team to work together.  
  • Hold Effective Team Meetings:  We all know the basics, its applying them that gets messy.  Use all the “text book” rules to hold productive meetings.  

Read the entire quest blog by clicking here.

Tell me what you do to foster team performance.  What would you like to stop doing and start doing?


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