Are These Unprecedented Times?

The only constant is change.   Said by Heraclitus (Greek Philosopher)

We say it.  We read it.  We meme it.  But do we mean it?

I have lived through the JFK assassination.  When I started to drive, there were gas shortages and lines.  Y2K (computers implode at the turn of the century) didn’t scare me off .   I survived 9-11 working downtown and taking the subway. And now COVID-19.   I grew up without cell phones or bike helmets or GPS or Alexa. 

The business cycle is always changing.  Sometimes more obviously than others.   

No, these are not unprecedented times.  We are navigating new roads.  Many way off the map road and very raw.  Every generation has had their cross to bear.  My parents lived through war and bread lines.   Their parents escaped Nazi Germany.  Yes, it is hard and trying and troubling.  There are also gifts. Going back to basics.  Simplicity.  Connection to those we love.  The quintessential pivot (over used but so apropos).   

Simon Sinek’s  words always nail what I am thinking and feeling.  It’s a good 6 minute listen.  

What’s Next:

Adapt.  Change.  Learn.  Be part of the solution.  Don’t complain. Rise to the occasion.  Make each day count.   Evolve your business and thrive.

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