5 Signs Your Team is Annoying You

My guest post in Excellence Essentials, presented by HR.Com, gives you the road map to the 5 key signs that your team is zapping your energy.  Day in and day out in my work with executives, teams and random managers, these telltale signs signal that the boss-team relationship is broken:

1- Your Ideas are not Evolving

Doesn’t matter how you present it, you team does not take the ball and run with it. 

2- Team Meetings are Productive but Excruciating

Really another team meeting already, the pain, the pain.

3-You’re Babysitting Your Direct Reports

You’re the adult and everyone else acts like children always asking you for permission, direction and resources.  Decisions are not made if you don’t take on the responsibility.

4- 1-on-1 Meetings Are Eating Up Your Calendar

Everyday it seems like the only meetings on my calendar are with my staff. over and over again.  .  

5- Your Team Agenda is Eclipsing Your Priorities

Its all about their workload and scheduling, why are my priorities as the boss, not getting done?

To read the HR.COM entire post Click Here!

Tell me if your team is annoying you.  If so, give details!

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