5 Reasons Your Boss Hates Trust And Fairness

Why do bosses shy away from trust and fairness as a basic management tool?  Research overwhelmingly shows that a positive workplace culture increases productivity.  In a study of studies –  130 independent studies were reviewed to test this theory.  Click here to read “Bosses Take Note!  Create Positive Culture in Workplace to Boost Business.  This article draws the direct link to trust and fairness as a key driver to productivity. 

So why is it so hard to create and sustain trust and fairness in the workplace?  It’s a simple concept but hard to execute.  Most people don’t have the tools to make this happen.  These are the top excuses I hear from bosses and managers:

  1. No one did it for me so why should I do it?
  2. It’s easier to go with the flow
  3. I am only one person and cannot impact the whole organization
  4. It takes time to nurture trust and I have work to do
  5. What is the difference between equity and equality?

fairness and trust

Culture change is a long term proposition.   25 leaders (including me) discuss culture in the workplace.  I think it is the  intangible glue that holds all of the pieces of a company together.  Even gorilla glue isn’t permanent.  It takes fortitude, foresight and a strong belief system to make trust and fairness the rule and not the exception.


What’s Next:

Take the long view and make trust and fairness your drivers.  Even when it’s uphill, you are fighting the right good fight.  It’s only fair.  




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