Your Second Act: GGRR = Give. Growth. Redemption. Relevance.

It’s that time of year again.  The end of one year and the start of a new one.  Your chance for new beginnings.  This time, make it more than chance.  Change your story.  Grow from your past and make this year the most meaningful ever.  GGRR…

G = Learn to GIVE: Live and give your SUPER PURPOSE.  The reason you were put on this earth.

G = GROW from your mistakes, don’t just recover, evolve.

R = Find you own REDEMPTION​. Your inner peace. That place where you are good at what you do and are truly comfortable in your own skin.

R = Know your  RELEVANCE​ and live it everyday.  

Read the full post on my blog about learning from mistakes.    You can also check out a longer version at Sixty and Me.

What’s Next?

What will you do today to live your super relevant redemption purpose?  I will be my out-spoken; bold powerful self.  Care to join me?




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