Type A or B Personality?

Our personality dictates our actions.  To take it a step further it also dictates our mindset and as a result our level of satisfaction with our work and our lives.  The older and wiser I get, the more I understand the importance of knowing who I am and leaning into that.  Contentment with my choices leads to peace of mind.  When I am at peace, everything is possible.

I am a huge fan of Dr. Travis Bradberry.  I am an an even bigger Edith Wharton fan.  Her insights into human behavior and desires are both enlightening and foreboding.  Why do I mention these two impressive people in the same sentence? Read Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article and see for yourself.

9 Things Every Type B Person Wishes You Knew
Dr. Travis Bradberry | Apr 19, 2021

Can Personality Type Change?

While change is always possible it is daunting.  I have found, it is the small steps, the simple actions we take to get ourselves on track that matter.  A slight course correction every day, leads to a big change in direction.  This blog posts provides simple actions you can take to make simple course corrections How to be Zen-in-an-annoying-world.

What’s Next:  

Know who you are.  Insert your humor, empathy and some homegrown sensibility into whichever type you are.  Make small course corrections everyday.  Be kind to yourself and others.  You can’t go wrong.

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