Stop Talking Now

Stop Talking Please.  How many times have I seen people look at me and I just know what they are thinking?  You’ve guessed it.  Way too many.  Why me?  Looks to me that other people jabber on and never get that look.  When I talk it’s different.  I had to go inside to find the answers.  Turns out I had to go inside my hurt and my emotions that is.  Seems like in my role of providing advice, talking is not always the answer.  So, I had to think about how I can do better.  Here’s what I found:

1. My Timing Stinks.

Once it’s in my brain, it’s on my lips and out of my mouth.  I guess that’s what shooting from the hip really is.  Without thought or instinct, I blabber it out.  Often its too soon.   Too soon, because the other person hasn’t finished talking.   The other person has not thought through the impact of what they are saying.  I am already onto solutions.  The other person is just beginning to process what is going on and I am talking about what is going to happen next.  Too soon. 

2.  Too Much.  Too Fast.

You know exactly what I mean.  It takes me a lot of words to say something that can be put more succinctly.  In my defense, they are complicated thoughts and I want to make sure you get the full gist.  How can I do that faster?  So I start talking faster.  That never works.  It has the opposite impact.

3. Trying Too Hard. 

It’s important to me that you know I understand.   As a result, I think about what I want to convey.  The t-shirt with the slogan ” Do me a favor.  And Stop Talking.”  pictured on my blog  is about what you want.  I really want what you want.  So I’ll stop talking now. 

What’s Next.

A little reminder that a look inside doesn’t always tell us what we want to hear, but we need to hear it.  And then honor it.  Now I am really shutting up.  Have an easy week.





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